Orthopedic New England Physical Therapy is a destination for injured athletes and active people who seek to regain their peak health and joie de vive. Our team focuses on providing the highest quality of medicine and science to help you restore you to peak health and performance. Education is key to injury repair and healing which is why we incorporate learning into each treatment. It paves a clear path for each person/patient on how to achieve their goals. By helping get your mind and body in sync, you will speed your path to success.

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Listening & Understanding

We take time to evaluate and LISTEN to YOU about your symptoms so we can accurately treat your injury.



We take the time to educate you about your injury and its relation to your anatomy/physiology. This helps you to understand the cause of your symptoms and how we are going to treat and heal your body.



We want you to get better as fast as possible so you can continue to enjoy spending time with family, friends, and return to activities you love. That's why we treat you like you are part of our family.



Getting you better quickly takes teamwork. Taking personal responsibility and accountability drives faster recovery. We use a team approach to guide you in the right direction to give you the tools both in the clinic and at home to recover fully.

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in your physical, emotional, and mental state."
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Specialty Focus Areas

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We have a strong focus on manual therapy and corrective exercises to help you meet your goals and return to healthy living faster. We use hands on skills to increase your joint mobility and muscle strength while managing pain. Once your body returns to a more normal movement pattern the corrective exercise program helps maintain and stabilize your joints to prevent re-injury. Both manual therapy and exercise are crucial to your treatment in order for you to reach your goals faster, and both compliment the other to speed your progress.

Pediatric Cancer

Nobody should be dealt the cards of the big “C” word, especially children. It’s an unfortunate scary path that happens too often, and it needs to be fought with a team approach. Our clinicians have experience treating patients who have been diagnosed with brain cancer and leukemia. Every childs' diagnosis is unique. Our goal is to help manage pain and we work to help your child get back to higher level function and return to playing with their peers. Issues such as fatigue, pain, proximal muscle weakness to the core/hips/shoulders, tightness and tone are all common symptoms that present with children that are treated by our team. Most importantly we know that going to yet another doctor’s office can be scary for your child and we work hard to make their visit with us fun and productive at the same time.


Telehealth is the newest addition to healthcare that allows us to sit down with you in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. For those out on the road traveling for work or vacation telehealth makes a worrisome pain easy to fix just by calling in.  It allows athletes who live out of state to pick the brain of one of our professionals without having to lapse on their regimented plans. There is no wait time for referrals and appointments can even be same day. Appointments are 30 minutes with a Doctor of Physical Therapy where we will discuss your symptoms and create an individualized plan for you to work on to manage symptoms appropriately.

Women's Health: Breast Cancer

Our women’s health specialists work directly with breast cancer patients to help return you to normal function and mobility. With many treatment protocols available to women, we acknowledge how various chemotherapy drugs, radiation, mastectomies, implants, fat grafts, and flap procedures effect your symptoms and limitations after treatment. Women on the path of healing commonly suffer from fatigue, weakness, cording to the axilla, frozen shoulder, chronic swelling, and neurological pain. Your plan will be individualized based to your symptoms and return to function goals.


We work to educate you on your jaw function and mobility and how both drive your current symptoms and limitations. TMJ effects every patient differently and can lead to pain in the jaw, difficulty eating, decreased range of motion, headaches, and loss of hearing. Our clinicians perform a full evaluation of your jaw, cervical spine and surrounding musculature in order to treat your diagnosis appropriately. We provide hands on techniques using manual therapy to increase joint motion and give you exercises to maintain the range of motion after you leave the clinic.

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