Why We Do Not Accept Insurance

The way third party payers and insurance companies are set up, require clinics to see a high volume of people in one day. This forces clinicians to sacrifice time with each individual which compromises quality care. Leading to poor outcomes and excess visits to meet goals of the patient. 

Quality care requires time. Something that is not often given to patients. Physical health & wellness is about helping people to recognize and change certain movement and lifestyle behaviors within their social context. Without the time to listen and form an appropriate individualized plan of care for each patient these changes can not happen.

“Health care should create a connection between clinicians and patients. This human connection can lead to more accurate diagnoses and faster acting treatment plans. Dr. Elia’s focus on the patient is what traditional health care was meant to be: focused care.”

antonia Chen, md

It takes time to listen and we understand where clients are coming from and where they are trying to go.

We are focused on conducting an extensive systematic evaluation that attempts to avoid confirmation bias, create a treatment plan, then reflect on what did and didn’t work after each encounter.

As a result, we educate clients to their level of understanding to ensure proper execution of the recommendations given.

 A commitment to quality care means we must give every patient client secure time to give every client the dedicated help and service they need to overcome health and mind-body challenges. 

Working as a team with the patient to achieve goals and manage symptoms appropriately is an important aspect of care. Living in pain is NOT normal. So many people do, because they are not offered the appropriate medical advice, time constraints with insurance companies enforcing shortened visits, and lack of proper problem solving.

We hope you enjoy this movement wellness experience.


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Movement Screening

  • $200


    90 min assessment and plan


  • $150


    60 min evaluation

  • $130


    60 min follow up

Personal Training

  • $120


    60 min

Group Class

  • $20


    60 min

Bike Fitting

  • $200


    90 min