We all suffer from injury when we least expect it, you may have been prescribed physical therapy, rest, or even surgery. Often physical therapy is chosen based on proximity to home instead of focus on the therapists’ credentials, whether or not the clinic utilizes aides or assistants, or  how the therapist creates a diagnosis and treatment plan. We use our hands as guides to tell us the story about you and where your limitations are. Our expert trained clinicians use  a personal “hands-on” approach to determine specific tightness and poor joint movement and how each generate your pain and stiffness.

Private insurance carriers restrict physical therapy to treatment that is limited by the doctor’s diagnosis. As a result, when a patient presents a diagnosis such as neck pain, the therapist can only treat the neck. Unfortunately, most neck pain originates in the surrounding tissue and the entire spine and shoulder girdle that should also be assessed and treated.

Our Therapists are not limited by those private payor restrictions, giving us the time and freedom to utilize our skills to fully assess you and design a custom program that fits your needs. Our wholistic approach helps you heal faster and gets you back into your normal activities with fewer visits.

How we can help you at ONE-PT:

You have been discharged from formal insurance based rehab services (Chiropractic and/or Physical Therapy) but are still not back to your pre-injury health.
You know we don't accept insurance and you are still interested in our services to heal faster and more fully.

Injuries we specialize in include:

Muscle Strains
Tendonitis (i.e Achilles & Rotator Cuff)
Patellar-femoral syndrome (Knee pain)
Shoulder impingement (Shoulder Pain)
Medial & lateral epicondylitis ("Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow”) 
Spinal Pain (Neck & Low back pain)
Acute and Chronic Sciatica (pains in your butt and legs)
Chronic and Sub-acute Stroke
Cerebral Palsy
Ligament Sprains
Cervical Radiculopathy (Neck and/or arm pain due to a "pinched" nerve)
Breast Cancer
TMJ (Jaw pain and locking)
Why choose us

The ONE-PT Difference

Listening & Understanding

We take time to evaluate and LISTEN to YOU about your symptoms so we can accurately treat your injury.


We take the time to educate you about your injury and its relation to your anatomy/physiology. This helps you to understand the cause of your symptoms and how we are going to treat and heal your body.


Our compassion for our patients makes you feel like you are part of our family. We want you to get better as fast as possible so you can continue to enjoy spending time with family, friends, and return to activities you love.


It is our goal to be part of your team. Accepting the importance of responsibility and accountability for healing is the first step towards meeting your goals. We help to guide you in the right direction giving you the tools to meet those goals both in and out of the clinic.