Movement Screening

Our team works with you to help you avoid injury or jump start injury prevention. The screening is a 90-minute process of examination and evaluation of movement across your entire body. Often, your movement limitations are the culprit that lead to injury. When you combine physical limitations and sporting activity the chance of getting injured increases. Your movement screen identifies range of motion variances that are out of the “normal range” for your body that lead to poor movement patterns. We combine that information to create an individualized program to improve range of motion and strength, reducing your risk of  injury. Our program helps to prevent injury, and increase strength and power for your activity of choice. We’ve helped distance runners reduce their marathon times by over 40 minutes, and have helped increases both power and accuracy for hockey players.

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Why You Should Choose Us

You want to improve your stability, strength, and balance.

You want to improve your mobility but you're not sure where to start.

You're tired of getting injured every time you get back to the gym or other physical activity

You want professional strength & conditioning advice on training based on a movement screen or assessment.

You are not dealing with a current injury.
(If you are, check out our Rehab Services.)


What to Expect During Your Assessment

Functional Movement Screen

Our 1.5 hour evaluation will put you through a Functional Movement Screen to test your body control across movement patterns that challenge your range of motion and balance.

Active & Passive Mobility

We test active and passive mobility to establish your baseline across joint health, mobility, and motor control. You should come dressed appropriately to allow us to evaluate your spine and shoulder blades. Shorts and a tee shirt are best for your functional exam.

Verbal & Written Report

After the assessment you will receive a verbal and written report summarizing your  screening & assessment findings.

Online Account

Our team will set you up with an online client account on HEP2GO which allows you to access your customized functional home exercise program built on your screening findings. Your online account includes instructional videos to help reinforce your focus and movement exercises. 

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