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Do you think you have an injury but are not 100% sure? Do you have a race or training plan that you do not want to disrupt? Or how about that neck pain you just started having after sitting at your desk for hours at end?

Telehealth is the newest addition to healthcare that allows us to sit down with you in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. For those out on the road traveling for work or vacation telehealth makes a worrisome pain easy to fix just by calling in.  It allows athletes who live out of state to pick the brain of one of our professionals without having to lapse on their regimented plans. There is no wait time for referrals and appointments can even be same day. Appointments are 30 minutes with a Doctor of Physical Therapy where we will discuss your symptoms and create an individualized plan for you to work on to manage symptoms appropriately. If our therapist decides that your symptoms are more severe you will be referred to the correct medical professional for further examination.

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Personal Training

One on one training sessions lasting one hour. The focus of the hour is based on your specific goals depending on whether you are looking for strength training, general wellness, or injury prevention. We utilize a combination of corrective exercise prescription to avoid injury with exercise, as well as plyometrics, neuro re-education and therapeutic exercise.  Our clinicians work on proper body positioning and technique throughout the session to ensure you do not get injured. It is important for us to know you are performing exercises appropriately.

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Group Classes

Performed at various increments throughout the year based on demand. Classes are based on sport specific activity. Runner focused classes are performed over 10 weeks in the winter from Jan-March. Our classes focus on eliminating weaknesses among runners and increase endurance & strength, all designed to lower race times and achieve your PR!

Ask about other class options per sport or activity.
Corporate offerings available upon contact.

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Bike Fittings

Non-traditional bike fit based on injury. Our team works to analyze you on your bike based on your aches and pains. We adjust your bike appropriately while explaining why certain positions cause pain with riding. After the adjustment, a home program is given to you to help strengthen areas based on your limitations.

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