New Year's Resolution


Working out can be a daunting task if it’s not already have engrained into a normal daily routine. Thousands of people start the year off by making a resolution to turn a new leaf and take charge of their health. Gym memberships get renewed, early morning runs happen, home gyms get completed….all to be stopped within a couple weeks. Do you ever stop and think about why this happens? Thinking about why exercise is important to you, may help keep you motivated.


The answer will be different for everyone. Finding your answer will be important for consistency and accountability. Only you can answer this.

Why does your PT workout?

Health and Fun

Who helps to motivate your PT?

My husband and George

Boston Starting Line
Istanbul Marathon

How do you keep accountability?

1)   Finding something that is fun. Exercise doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. Finding the right exercise routine that excites you will enable you to turn your new routine into a consistent habit.

o  Skiing, running, swimming, strength training, yoga

Attitash Mountain

2)   Finding a workout buddy to help keep you accountable.

o  Does your spouse also workout? Do you have a pet that needs to go for a walk/run? Feeling like you are accountable for someone other than yourself may help encourage you to get up and moving in the morning. It’s one thing to let yourself down, but it’s entirely different feeling to let someone else down.


3)   Building up duration and intensity as your fitness improves.

o  A lot of people start off the new year with intense goals. For someone to go from 0 to 100 in one week is just too much.Lifting weights or running for the first time can cause soreness in your muscles. Your muscles need time to adapt to the new workload. If you are too aggressive initially, the soreness in your muscles may force you to take a few days off. A few days off may disrupt your routine and lead to poor habits.

4)   Find a personal trainer to help guide you.Not sure where to start? Personal trainers can help create goals and show you how to achieve them in a safe way.

o  When looking for a good personal trainer it is important to ask what their background is. There are a lot of personal trainers out there that became trainers “overnight” with a weekend course. Other trainers have a 4-year degree and have a better sense of what to look for to prevent injury.

o  There are many patients that get hurt due to inexperienced trainers giving poor advice. Do your due diligence and ask this question before getting started.

o   Who does ONE PT recommend locally?

ATC Strength in Hudson, MA: Coach LeoMorton


 Fitness by Day: Virtual. Coach Brian Day


What motivates Dr. Kim Elia?

I enjoy running and have been running on/off since middle school. The marathon tends to be what I love the most. Training gives me a form of solitude and meditation. I used to like running by myself but have found I’d rather run with my husband and George/Ellie. Watching the pure joy as George and Ellie play while we run is enough motivation to get me out the door. I haven’t always loved running though. After running in college, I learned early on that you can overdo it and get run down. That is when I started to dislike running and getting up in the morning to run was a job. My motivation was completely gone. I started to think about why I ran and why I enjoyed working out. Health and fun. Since running was no longer fun, I switched gears and picked up a new sport, crew. Through the years I’ve switched between crew, road cycling, running, swimming, and yard work. Keeping it fun, will always keep me going back for more.

Hiking in the White Mountains

Give some thought to your resolutions and what they mean to you. Happy New Year!

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
Don't be a couch potato!!!! Get up and move....